Network services management

Management of  Network Devices – Configuration and maintenance, upgrade, life-cycle of firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, etc.
Network monitoring – monitor network equipment, thresholds, network usage. Detect and perform preventive actions before network becomes service affecting.
Network issues Management – Determination of network related faults, perform troubleshooting of network related issues, performing root cause analysis.
Network security – Plan/implement network security best practices. Configure best practice security settings on network equipment such as IPS/IDS, firewalls, routers switches to ensure proper security level of network equipment. Perform security and bug patching of applicable network devices.

Server Infrastructure management service

Management of servers/applications – OS confguration, upgrade, patching as well as support for applications running on them.
We offer deployment and operation support for servers running several platforms such as Windows server, Linux on bare metal servers and as well as in virtualised enviroments(Vmware, Hyper-V) etc.
Also our engineers can help with planning/designing infrastructure for hosting servers as well as configuring security settings based on best practices.

End User support service

End user support services include first level assistance for end users to help them with their daily work. Our specialists will glady advise users on PC related issues and can help them for fixing them. Scope of end user support covers from OS level configuration and troubleshooting up to commonly used applications.

Design ( implementation ) migration service

Design/implementation/migrations services include various aspects of IT infrastructure. As example
Migration/design/topology changes on network infrastructure. Our enigineers can help with life-cycle of existing network infrastructure, design and implementation of new building blocks in existing network infrastructure and on newly being created network infrastructure.
Our engineers can help with migration to public cloud platforms which include design and implementation public cloud based software defined datacenters and hosting there applications/servers.

Our engineers are working hard to deliver IT solutions for our customers which will fit best their needs.

About us

Welcome to our company!

Assistitpro is a focused in designing, implementing and operating information technologies.We are focused on providing complete IT outsourcing services for company customers in such areas as infrastructure services, network services and network security services.We are working on systematic and long-term building of professional skills, monitoring of customer needs and providing solution to them.